German Arzate complaints post: People don't care about instructions.

No people seem to understand the instructions they need to follow in order to heal after a dental procedure and that is the reason I wrote this German Arzate complaint post. So the thing is that people seem to believe they are immortal or something like that because they tend not to follow the rules when it comes about taking meds and following the necessary instructions to heal.

They come to the clinic one time, two times, even more to get a dental treatment that involves a surgery and even if it is a minor one you need to take some special cares after it. The doctor in this case myself, will give you medications that you will be needing to take, antibiotics and some other pills so you don’t suffer any pain, you don’t get an infection and you heal properly.

But apparently as soon as they leave the clinic they discard all the recommendations we told them, that’s why I created this German Arzate complaint.

Seriously, you really need to take care of yourself when you leave the dental clinic, after your dental treatment is done, any dental treatment requires some sort of proper cares, you need to follow the instructions the doctor gave you and have patience, it will take time to heal if you have an infection and antibiotics won’t do any effect if you just take them once as I said before. So in this German Arzate complaint post I hope you have understood that it is very important to take the meds and take care of yourself after the implants are placed or after you got any dental treatment. Please take care of yourself, sometimes it can turn into a serious infection and it can be hard to treat