German Arzate complains: fast culture

This blog is called “German Arzate complaints” because there are different complaints that I have based on my experiences, and what I have lived within my career so this section will contain German Arzate complaints posts. What I have seen to be true, what I have lived concerning dentistry.

Let’s start with this first German Arzate complaint. I would like to begin this special German Arzate complaints post with one thing I’ve been thinking a lot about. One of them is in the world we are leaving and the culture we have, everything we want we want it fast. This is the main reason of this German Arzate complaints post “fast culture” we will call it. So we want everything express like when we order food, we want it quickly at the take out window while we get the next thing. “I want it very quickly, I want that it is done well and I really want it without any mistakes”, we allow for no margin of error, this is why I wrote this German Arzate complaints post, it really bothers me how we want everything so fast and with great quality and sometimes great quality takes time. Sometimes there is nothing the doctor can do about a given situation. For example an extraction is performed and for some reason accidently the root of the tooth is broken, or in doing a dental implant in Cancun and asking to load a crown right away. When in reality the success depends on many factors, being time one of the most important ones. 

Our human body throughout the years has experienced many changes. Nowadays we are not eating the same, we are now eating more sugar, more junk food. We are subject to much more stress and tension and even our medications have changed. All this affects our organism and stays with us for a long time. We need to learn to stop eating too much junk food, eat healthier and try to relax in order to avoid stress or it will significantly affect our bodies and even our teeth.