German Arzate complaint: not everything is true

This is German Arzate complaint post of the day. We love our modern technology world and it definitely is here to stay and now I, German Arzate complain that many of us weren’t prepared and ready for the digital era. Everybody can publish on internet and we like all the great changes it has in our life but also no one warned us about the dangers we could experience on internet.
In this German Arzate complaints post I would like to tell you that internet is getting each time full of cowards and they don’t show their faces, any person can write ant talk about anything he wants and perhaps they think its hilarious, So they post a picture and write any kind of negative thing he wants and once it’s out there, it’s there for good and that’s why I, German Arzate complainabout, people seem not to understand how hard it might be to erase a bad comment or anythin from the internet.
Don’t get me wrong I do love the internet, but it can be annoying sometimes! And some things that annoy me I write in this German Arzate Complaints post Some changes that it has brought us are wonderful, but at the same time we will be witnesses of many, many changes because of it and not all will be good.
So that’s this German Arzate complaints post about! It really looks like any word that is written on the internet is considered true. A lot of people can’t think that some things may not be true, they believe whatever they see, hear or read. I decided to write this German Arzate complaints post to make you think we cannot rely in all things that appear on the internet.