German Arzate complaints: Implant rejected

In this German Arzate complaint blog I want to complain about one of the things that happen every time an implant gets rejected, the person that has the implant starts a chaotic wave of words yelling about us and telling us that we did a bad work at it and we were really bad dentists, that will sue us for bad practice and will let know to all people that he/she knows about how bad we are and our service is really bad. But what that person doesn’t know is what thing made the implant got rejected and that’s why I want to talk to you in this German Arzate complaints blog. People don’t even know the causes of it and they are already yelling and saying tons of things.

That implant was surgically placed, and we are 100 percent sure we perform all the necessary things to get you an awesome new smile makeover. But sometimes people reject the implants because some things we really just cannot control, like the reaction the human body will have towards an implant, every human body reacts different you know? And that’s why I, German Arzate complain about today. When we explain to the person that is already yelling about their implant rejected they get calm and finally understand that it was their body that rejected it for some rare reason. Sadly we are unable to determine if an implant will be 100 percent accepted and time will be the only thing to be sure a rejection doesn’t happen.

I hope this German Arzate complaints post make you change your mind about how you see things and how you will react in case a dental implant is rejected. Try to ask why it happen and if there is a solution for it. Thanks!