German Arzate complaint: What people think

This German Arzate complaint is about what people think about us because we are in other country that is not the U.S they think we won’t be able to perform a high quality procedure, like dental implants, but we can, and we can compete among the best dentists in the world when it comes about dental implants and here I am going to tell you why.

I want also to say in this German Arzate complaint post that just because we didn’t go to the most expensive college for dentist and we didn’t even go to one in the U.S that doesn’t mean we won’t be able to perform the same procedures with the same top quality that our neighbor country dentist perform. I, German Arzate complaint that people just see it that way and they are sometimes stubborn and they don’t want to change their minds even if they are looking at the results.

And yeah, they prefer to pay expensive prices in their countries to get the exact same procedure and they feel happy and secure because they went to a dentist in their country instead of taking dental implants vacations. But who knows that dentist might not have the same experience or the proper qualifications for that procedure that needs some certifications.

So yeah I wanted to write this German Arzate complaint post and let you know again that we have more than 10 years performing dental implants in Cancun and we have thousands of patients that went back home with a total smile makeover and really happy because of their work we did.